CPL packages

Theoretical training for the CPL FAA start from 990€ excl. VAT

Training for the theoretical CPL FAA exam

Azur Sky organizes 5-days ground school courses for CPL theory, from Monday mornig till Friday night, all year around in Nice and Cannes. During these 5 days we will review the entire database of questions out of which the one for the test will be chosen. The course aims to make you understand the basic concepts of the different fields of expertise (11 different subjects) necessary to pass the test. For groups of 2 or 3 minimum we can come at your own airport or to your city for the training session. Each week is billed at 999 € excl. VAT for groups and 2,499€ excl. VAT for individual courses.

For those unable to free-up a full week, we also organize CPL weekends of theoretical training. The full course lasts 2 weekends, but you can enroll into either one of the 2 separately, or both. This is the perfect occasion to brush up on your knowledge if it is a while since you did your test. Each weekend is billed at 399€ excl. VAT for groups and 999€ excl. VAT for individual courses.

Money back guarantee!! With a success rate of 100% for first timers students, we can guarantee a positive exam outcome.


Do not wait! Order the full database of question now.

FAA flight training en France

Practical training for the CPL FAA starting from 3,490€ excl. VAT

CPL practical

Individual solution:
3,499€ excl. VAT

With this solution, you will perform the totality of your training alongside your instructor, in a one to one instruction.

Furthermore, you are etirely free to choose your training weeks to fit around your schedule. Your instructor will be on call all day for theory lessons, simulator sessions and flight training.

Choose from a flexible range of packages to best suit your schedule. Training periods depending on the trainee's previous experience.
Price in Cannes: 3499€+VAT
Price on your own base: Contact us


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