Training for the CPL theoretical exam

To abtain a commercial pilot license (CPL FAA) you need to pass a theoretical exam and a practical exam, which is also divided into an oral examination followed by a flight test.

The ground classes that Azur Sky organize for the FAA written test consists of 5 full days (9am till 6pm).
Held from Monday morning till Friday night, you will be in group of maximum 4 people, in order to give you the possibility when you need to interrupt to ask questions without compromising the progression of the lesson.

During the ground class, ALL the question bank is reviewed at a low pace in order to allow time for each question to be understood and memorized. This teaching method will make you learn everything you need to succesfully pass the theoretical exam. We do suggest you anyway to spend a week to review on your own the question before attempting the exam.

We currently have a pass rate of 100% first timer, with most of them with great rates. Obtaining a good rate in the theoretical exam is a great strategy, because you will let the examiner know that you already have the required knowledge. The oral portion of the test will be surely harder if you present yourself at the exam with the minimum score of 70% required to pass the written.

The training for the CPL practical test in Europe

To attempt the commercial exam you have to demostrate a certain flight experience. You can find the pre-requisite HERE.
We organize CPL FAA training in 2 modules. The first module consists of 5 days, from Monday morning to Friday night, followed by a second module of 2 and a half days (the half day is dedicated to the exam). During this period, you will fly about 20 hours.
Based on your needs, it may be necessary to fly more to achieve the necessary experience and proficency level to pass the test. The module works on the basis of a set fee, the additional hours won't be charged for. You will be able to fly as long as you need at the same price if you don't exceed the total number of days (7 days and a half total).
During this period, your instructor will be beside you all the time, from morning to night, everyday, for a full immersion training to make you take full advantage of your course. From theoretical training, pre and post briefing up to the airplane to apply everything you've learned with your professional instructor, to garantee you a quality training.
You can perform the training on the airplane of your choice, assuming it complies with the current legislation. If you don't have the availability of an airplane for the desired training, we can rent one of our own, contact us for more information on this matter.