The CPL at a glance

CPL license allows you to:
  • work for a transportation company
  • reduce your insurance premium
  • Improve your skills
In order to start the training you need to have at least:
  • A FAA license
  • A current medical license
  • 250 Hours flight time

The training is divided into two phases:
  • Theory (1 week)
  • Practical (1-2 week): about 15-20 hours flight time
The theory exam will be performed on a computer in Paris or London at Flight Safety, you can prepare by yourself or you can attend one of our intensive ground school lasting 5 days.

The pratcical exam is also divided into an oral examination lasting about 1 hour and a flight of about 1H 30. It will be performed where you did your training (at our Cannes base or at your chosen location).
The CPL with Azur Sky

100% Satisfied!!!

- 100% pass rate for first timers
- Flight instructors available 24/7, holiday days, nights and week-ends
- Training in your home environment. Learn where you are used to fly
- If you prefer, you can use your own airplane or rent one at your local aeroclub
- Courses in English, French and Italian

- JAA validation license, TSA: Free!
- Books, Jeppesen charts: Free!

At our Cannes-Mandelieu base:
- Latest generation simulator/airplanes
- Ideal flight conditions all year around
- Magnificent scenary, ideal for visual flying