Our training offers

The IFR FAA theoretical training: starting from 990€ excl. VAT

IFR theoretical training

Azur Sky organizes ground school for the IFR theory in 5 days, from Monday mornig till Friday night, all year around in Nice and Cannes. During these 5 days we will review the entire database of questions from which the one for the test will be chosen. The course aims to make you understand the basic concepts of the different fields of expertise (11 different subjects) necessary to pass the test. For 2-3 persons at least we can come at your own airport or to your city to train you. Each week is billed 999 € excl. VAT for group and 2,499€ excl. VAT for individual courses.

For those unable to free up a full week, we also organize IFR weekends of theoretical training. The full course lasts 2 weekends, but you can enroll into either one of the 2 separately, or both. This can be the occasion to brush up on your knowledge if it is a while since you did your test. Each weekend is billed 399€ excl. VAT for groups and 999€ excl. VAT for individual courses.

Money back guarantee!! With a success rate of 100% for first-timers, we can guarantee a positive outcome at the exam.


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FAA flight training en France

IFR FAA practical training: starting from 5,990€ excl. VAT

Bronze Offer

2 people:
5,999€ excl. VAT

With this solution, dates are fixed in advance, and it starts the first week of each month.

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You will be paired with another pilot throught training, thus the theory courses, the pre and post briefing will be done toghether.

For the flight part, when the first pilot flies, the other observes from behind, and halfway through the day, you will switch position.

This solution is extremely rich in training because you can observe and collaborate with the other student and take advantage of his knowledge and errors.


Silver Offer

Individual solution:
7,499€ excl. VAT

With this solution you will perform the training just with your instructor in a one to one setting.

Furthermore you will be fully able to select the 15 days (3 weeks of 5 days) that best suit you to perform the training based on your needs and availability, your instructor will be available all day for theory courses, simulator sessions or for flight.
In Cannes: 7499€+VAT
At your location: 9999€+VAT

This intensive solution is very convenient also because it allows the instructor to manage the students training progression throughout the course.


Gold Offer

The luxory all-inclusive solution
12.499€ excl. VAT

With this exclusive solution which includes the instructor for the theory and the practical preparation in one to one we guarantee you will obtain the instrument qualification regardless of the time taken. The nuber of flight hours are unlimited.
Especially suited for someone who wants to emphasize the confort of flexible training with rapid progression.

Once the package is paid for, nothing more will be charged until you succesfully complete the exam. A year limit is fixed to complete the full training.
In Cannes: 12499€+VAT
At your location: 14999€+VAT


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